Equity release

Releasing the wealth tied up in your Home by taking a loan against home.

New Home Loans

Buying a new home from developer or secondary party.


Swap out loans, moving debt to a different loan or lender to obtain a better interest term and rate.

Islamic Home Finance

Home Ijarah, Sharia’ah compliant way to finance property.

ProviderMinimum Salary- AEDFlat RateReducing RateMax Finance Amount
 mashreq-bankAED 15,0003.99%7.18%15,000,000
 noor-bankAED 10,0002.73% p.a.4.99% p.a.25,000,000
ajman-bankAED 20,000From 1.98% p.a.From 3.59% p.a.15,000,000
 adibAED 10,0002.06% p.a.3.75% p.a.20,000,000
 abo-dhabi AED 10,000From 2.1% p.a.From 3.81% p.a.15,000,000
 emirates-nbd AED 10,000 From 2.2% p.a.From 3.99% p.a.15,000,000
 Dubai Islamic BankAED 12,0001.92% p.a.3.49% p.a.20,000,000
 standerd-chartered-bank-logo AED 10,000From 2.07% p.a.From 3.75% p.a.18,000,000
 al-hilal-bankAED 15,000From 1.93% p.a.From 3.5% p.a.10,000,000
 abu-dhabi-commercial-bankAED 10,000From 2.89% p.a.From 5.25% p.a.10,000,000
 amlakAED 15,000From 4% p.a.From 7.25% p.a.10,000,000
 uabAED 15,0001.79% p.a.3.29% p.a.10,000,000
 commercialAED 20,0002.2% p.a.3.99% p.a.10,000,000
 hsbc-bankAED 15,0001.8% p.a.3.24% p.a.20,000,000
 sharjahAED 25,0002.75% p.a.4.99% p.a.5,000,000
 emiratesAED 15,000From 1.63% p.aFrom 3.49% p.a.20,000,000
 nbadAED 15,000From 1.62% p.a.From 2.94% p.a.20,000,000
 commercial-bank-internationalAED 15,000From 1.65% p.a.From 2.99% p.a.10,000,000
 fastAED 15,0001.79% p.a.3.24% p.a.20,000,000
 unionAED 15,0001.94% p.a.3.49% p.a.8,000,000
 rakAED 15,000From 1.92% p.a.From 3.49% p.a.18,000,000